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Coupon Specials


Receive a free basic detail w. $2000 or more in Collision Services.

We will clean you vehicle free of charge if you bring in a collision totaling more than $2000. This will include outside and inside of your vehicle.
Detail does not include hardened stains in seats or carpets and additional exterior buffing, scratches or road tar and grime. Expires 10/31/2016


22pt. Auto Inspection

We will give you a FREE, 22 point basic mechanical and test drive inspection in exchange for any full detail you decide to book. Just ask Clinton to include the inspection while your vehicle is here being cleaned!
The inspection examines tires, brakes, suspension,engine bay, fluids and test drive. Not valid with other offers.


Free Jar of Honey with Full Detail

Receive a pint jar of actual local Honey from Kenny B's farms in Lowell, Arkansas when you purchase a full detail.
Offer is good until Honey is all gone. Cannot be combined with other offers. Exp 07/31/2017


Headlight Restorations

Make your nights brighter with a quick head lamp polish. We use 600,1500,2000 grit sand papers and final buff for a perfect shine every time!
Results may very.


Get $-100 off any Motorcycle Paint work over $600 or more.

We want to do more Motorcycle paint work for 2017. We are offering any basic style paint job on any motorcycle with parts dropped off, ready to spray.
Price ranges are depending on sizes of parts and if needing body work or not. We only shoot basic colors. ( no airbrush or graphics)


6mo. Fresh-Air Filter Replacement

Fresh air filters get dirty just like your house filters. Replace your Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mits, or any other cabin air filter. This is easily a $65 dealer installed item.